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Filemaker fmnet for image

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Last Modified: 2013-11-05
I am opening a file remotey using the open remote over the internet option in FileMaker Pro 11 on a Windows platform. I have no problem opening the File and working with it. The problem is that the images in the container fields that use a 'reference' only do not show remotely.  I have read and read and tried every option I can think of but none work. This has eluded me on both FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro hosted files. Any help would be appreciated.

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Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.

I don't think you can use fmnet:/ to connect to remote images, only to remote FM servers. One I've used is to have a local set of images and using a scripted and calculated Replace, reset the Image images path to local set. Another option might be to use a Web Viewer instead of a container field. That way, as long as you can calculate the URL to the image it will display. Finally, though I haven't used it personally, there is 360Works SuperContainer.


My objective is to make the image show on the remote computer, over the internet, if the image is only referenced on the host when using open remote. Is this possible? I cant imagine you have have to store all images directly in the database.   I was guessig with using the fmnet since nothing else i tried seemed to work.
Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.

Try this: Instead of trying to use a container field, add a web viewer to the layout. Use a calculation in the web viewer to specify a URL to the image such as:


This assumes that the images are accessible to the web. That may require moving the folder to somewhere that can be reached by a standard URL such as to a website you have. Then the URL might look like:


If you only have one image per record then you can simply set the web viewer calculation to that image. If you have multiple images and need to view them in sequence, you can set the Web Viewer calculation to simply be a variable such as $ImageURL and then create a small script that cycles through setting the variable to the Image path via a button.

You must of course be able to determine the URL to the image which requires a field with the image name.


I have tried that route, but I need to be able to print the image as part of the filemaker form. The web viewer does not print.
President, Dedication Technologies, Inc.
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