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Virtualized Oracle database without .dbf files, cannot connector or open

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have an oracle instance on a 2003 x64 box that is the back end to an Arcsight ESM installation. In order to test some ugprades, I ran VMwares P2V and virtualized everything, including the drives, except for my physical database files. My plan was to use 'arcsight database init' to recreate a new database. I did this because I didn't have the luxury of bringing the database down and doing a cold copy of my production database. I also simply do not have the space on my SAN to have a production copy of the database. Since this is just a test instance for an upgrade, I don't care about the data, but I do want to have a similar database structure to upgrade.

I can't seem to get the database to open. It mounts, but doesn't open because it's looking for a file that doesn't exit. I'm getting the ORA-01157 and ORA-01110 errors when trying to manually start it up, and it refers to a .dbf file that doesn't exist.

Is there anyway to blow away what it thinks is active, and just rebuild the database structure from scratch? Arcsight's utilities cannot connect to the instance, because their credentials are being rejected. I'm guessing this is because those credentials were stored somewhere in one of the .dbf files?
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Update: I used the alter database datafile 'path.dbf' to delete all of the missing database files from the database. Now I'm pulling over some redo_logs, which it failed on to try and get the database to open
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Your answer is probably correct, however I ended up just rebuilding anyways. Thanks.
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