stretch arrow image correctly in table row

hi, I am trying to stretch an image over a table row cell.  I want the third row to display like the first two rows (with the arrow in the same cell as the FirstName LastName).  However, when I remove the second table closing tags (i.e. </td></tr></table>) from the first cell in this row and put them in the second cell,  the arrow no longer stretches in IE 8.  

I am using Javascript to stretch the arrow at the bottom of the page.

 here is the arrow image
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scifo_dkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ofcause, thats fixed now.

I had to create another class by the way. You have a table in a table, and your class makes a border around the cell, so you would have a strange border in the first row inside the cells.

However, the finished file is enclosed.

Take a look at this, is this what you want?

trmanAuthor Commented:
hi there Scifo_dk, that is almost exactly what I want, but of course IE 8 is showing one quirky issue, which is the vertical align of the data (FirstName LastName) in the first cell does not align vertically in the center as it is supposed to.  
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