How to setup a workgroup on Windows 7

I have four computers on my network. I do not have a workgroup or a homegroup setup. Three computers have Windows 7 Ultimate. One has Windows XP Pro sp3. What are the sequence of steps to setup a WORKGROUP on these 4 computers. Please give step by step points.
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Sean MeyerCommented:
Sean MeyerCommented:
For windows XP -->   Start --> Control Panel --> System --> Computer name --> change --> select the button for workgroup and type in the name you want.
default load is that these machines are in "WORKGROUP" workgroup.  

To verify:
Right click My Computer or Computer (XP/7)
Select "Properties"
View "computer name,domain, and workgroup settings" (Win7) to ensure it's "WORKGROUP"
View "Computer Name" tab to ensure it is set to "WORKGROUP" workgroup.
Change Workgroup settings as desired - ensure they are all the same.
Need-a-ClueRESEARCHERAuthor Commented:
THANKS! I'll give those steps a try.
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