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HDD interface needed for data recovery

I have a toshiba mk6006gah 60Gb 1.8" ATA 100 HDD and need to recover data from it, as the host machine has failed... WHAT device/interface mechanisim may I use to access/recover data? A link(s) to such a device would be most helpful.

This appears to be the HDD specs:

Looking about, i'm not finding an interface to connect this 1.8" HDD to another machine w/USB/SATA/IDE... etc. to recover data.

Appreciate any support in this matter.
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Sean MeyerCommented:
type this into a google search and find the best deal you can USB 2.0 to IDE/SATA Hard Drive Adapter Works with 2.5in and 3.5in HDD, 5.25in CD/DVD Drive and SATA Drive
You may even find one at your local computer shop
First, my assumption is that the motherboard died, and your HDD is fine.   If your HDD died, and you *think* the problem is the motherboard, then be warned that
you have almost ZERO possibility that if the native IDE port can't "see" a disk, that the build-in IDE port on a USB->IDE  adapter will either.  NO matter what, at some port SOMETHING has to communicate with the HDD via an IDE interface.

the only situation that a USB converter helps you is a broken PC port or power issue.  BOth of which can be tested w/o buying anything usually.

Pretty much any computer store should have a "BRIDGE" which is what you are looking for.  You want a bridge with an IDE port on one side, and USB or SATA on the other.   SATA is preferred as USB ports go through a protocol conversion which prevents most diagnostic software from working.  (In fact a USB converter means the commands are actually converted to SCSI protocol, and many commands don't even translate).

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All of the comments above suggest buying a USB bridge device -- this would be fine EXCEPT these devices are designed to work with 2.5" and 3.5" drives ... NOT the 1.8" drive you need to access.

You MAY be able to use a bridge device with a simple 1.8" to 2.5" adapter, such as the one available here:  http://www.addonics.com/products/io/aaedt18ide25.asp
... but that will only work if your drive uses a ZIF connector, as the 50-pin adapter has been discontinued.

If that's not what you need, post back and I'll give you a link to a forensic adapter that will work ... but they're appreciably more expensive than this simple adapter.
spotteddogsAuthor Commented:
ARMYGROO, This is a very unique Connection on this Miniature drive. It is a far cry from your average laptop 2 and a half inch hdd. Looking at your suggestion, It looks like it would be readily do your average drives, Of which I have those type of adapters, But not this mini drive.

 To the other posters I much appreciate your suggestions. It is simply a machine not powering up. Have removed hd d for data recovery.
I suspect your "very unique Connection" is indeed a ZIF connection, so the adapter I linked to above will work fine.     Just get one of those and, if you don't already have one, a USB bridge device.
spotteddogsAuthor Commented:
Excellent, I really appreciate all the support found here at EE.
On the road today, reading the responses, i knew 'garycase' was clearly on the right track... Absolutely pointed me in the right direction. Thank for suggestion that leads to solution.

It is not a ZIF connector (unique, i meant, i never saw  a 1.8" IDE); so yes, the link 'garycase' supplied, that vendor did discontinue, and their domestic resellers i checked also are not selling that item; but found one on Amazon by another manufacturer.  FYI, this 1.8" comes out of a Dell Latitude X1, so the 1.8 connects to a pin set on the end of a ribbon cable 3.5" long approx., where it then connects to MB with a (not zif) connector... horizontal insertion with horizontal 'push-in' crimper/holder. -don't know the name of that connector.


So Perfect, solution ordered...
spotteddogsAuthor Commented:
Excellent pointer by EE expert, and with accurate facts referenced; though vendor discontinued item, suggestion pointed clearly to approach for resolution.
Glad to help.    Good find on Amazon ... and very reasonably priced.

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