Grouping on a Variable in B.O.

I created a simple WebI crosstab report; that displays counts by month for 10 catagories.
Then I created a variable that groups the 10 catagories into 3 groups.
When I try to display the data by month and use my variable as the other axis to group on; i get "#UNAVAILABLE" displayed in the data cells.

How can I create a variable in a WebI report; and use it as a heading in the crosstab report?
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It's most likely a problem with your variable formula. Use if then elseif else to do the grouping.

I tested this on WebI in Business Objects XI 3 using the eFashion test universe.

I created a cross tab with month on the y axis and product lines along the x axis and the sales revenue as the measure.

I then created a dimension variable called Lines_grouped similar to the following to group the product lines dimension:

=If [Lines] = "City Skirts" Or [Lines] = "City Trousers" Then "City Wear" 
ElseIf [Lines] = "Dresses" Or [Lines] = "Jackets" Or [Lines] = "Overcoats" 
Or [Lines] = "outerwear" Or [Lines] = "Shirt Waist" Then "General Clothes" 
Else "Other"

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I replaced the Lines dimension with my Lines_grouped variable and it grouped the report into City Wear, Other Clothes and Other as I intended.
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