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I'm looking for reccomendations for a tool for my team that will allow us to manage software projects with a workflow approach, based on other peoples experiences with the many tools out there that acomplish this. This tool will need to support several teams and several distinct applications, all with different clients. In house we have HP QC (which at first glance seems complicated and cumbersome) and we have also experimented with Mantis (which seems a little underwhelming). Open Source is a plus, but if QC will fit the bill for us we may be open to that as well - as long as changes we would require would not impact other projects and teams.

For Example:
A client would come to us with a request, and we would add it to the system in an initial status. We would then assign it to a team member for requirements gathering. In order to go to the next step, the assigned business owner would need to approve the requirements. Then it would go to a lead to assign to a developer (or developers). The developer would then see his queue and notice the priority of the task and begin work. When complete the status would be updated to indicate it was ready for testing. Testing approval then goes back to the business owner to sign off on the test cases that were executed and acceptable results were documented.

The release should remain as an object in the system so that defects can be tracked back to it and go through a similar process of requirements/testing/approvals for the next release.

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Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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Bryan ButlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I was actually looking at this for my own work and though of your question.  There are many applcations and here's some info and a good review of 4 of them:
Bryan ButlerCommented:
Quality Center 11 has new features which might work for this:  (what version do you have?)

HP aligns with customers through agile development
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