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Crystal Report Multiple Page Report

I have an existing report in CR. The report layout is fairly simple - groups based on a "category" field (you can think of this as a product type field) and transaction, and then individual records within the group are displayed or supressed based on a "record type" (sequential order for display purposes, record type 1 would be a detail line for the corresponding record type 0, etc)..

What I am looking to do is modify this report to create a "last page" for a specific record type as above.

To give a better picture the report looks something like this:

Fuel (category)
Transaction 1 Detail 0 (charge total)
Transaction 1 Detail 1 (prodcut)
Transaction 1 Detail 2 (taxes)
Transaction 1 Detail 3 (payment)
Transaction 2 Detail 0 (charge total)
Transaction 2 Detail 1 (prodcut)
Transaction 2 Detail 2 (taxes)
Transaction 2 Detail 3 (payment)

Warehouse (category)
Transaction 3 Detail 0 (charge total)
Transaction 3 Detail 1 (prodcut)
Transaction 3 Detail 2 (taxes)
Transaction 3 Detail 3 (payment)
Transaction 4 Detail 0 (charge total)
Transaction 4 Detail 1 (prodcut)
Transaction 4 Detail 2 (taxes)
Transaction 4 Detail 3 (payment)

What I am wishing to add is a separate group for a summary record type that will print on its own page. The data for this summary is included with the data for the above report, just a different category and record type and because it is sequential will be the last few records in the dataset.



*edited for clarity*
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David_GravesAuthor Commented:
Additional note:

The Crystal Report is only doing the groupings, it is not doing the sorting. The sorting is all happening on the database, so the records printed as you see them above are coming to Crystal in that order.
What kind of summary do you want?

Are they records in the database?

David_GravesAuthor Commented:

As an example to create the mock report I show above the records returning from the database will look like this:
Category     Transaction     Record Type     Amount
0 (fuel)         001                 00                      90.00
0 (fuel)         001                 01                      10.00
0 (fuel)         001                 02                      10.00
0 (fuel)         001                 03                      120.00
0 (fuel)         002                 00                      90.00
0 (fuel)         002                 01                      10.00
0 (fuel)         002                 02                      10.00
0 (fuel)         002                 03                      12.00

1 (whse)         003                 00                      90.00
1 (whse)         003                 01                      10.00
1 (whse)         003                 02                      10.00
1 (whse)         003                 03                      120.00
1 (whse)         004                 00                      90.00
1 (whse)         004                 01                      10.00
1 (whse)         004                 02                      10.00
1 (whse)         004                 03                      12.00

100               (blank)           100                      info
100               (blank)           101                      info

Open in new window

The new records will look similar, but with a category of 100 (they are at the end of the data), no Transaction, and a record type of 100 +. I am wanting to group these records and print them by themselves, on their own page.
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David_GravesAuthor Commented:
I also realize that I could set a new page by the category grouping to get what I wish, however that is not the requirement. All categories < 100 are currently printed consecutively one after the other, regardless of page.

Those that have a category of 100 I want by themselves on the very last page of the report.

(Sorry for the multiple responses - I am just trying to provide as much information as I can.)
David_GravesAuthor Commented:
And... I figured it out. Setting new page before for the category will work since there I can put a condition on it. I didn't realize it was there earlier.

That was one of the ideas but if the data wasnt there it wouldn't work.

Glad you figured it out.

David_GravesAuthor Commented:
I feel odd giving myself an A...

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