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I am working in a 2003 server 2008 forest environment, schema 44. i am using a win7 laptop with GPME installed, win 7 GPO policies applied to take effect immediately. I am trying to setup seven different mandatory profiles for 50+ win7 laptops,  i can get the profile logged in, and have worked out all the errors with mapping printers and temp profile errors, but my desktop items in my .v2 folder do not copy over.  i have tried placing the share for the profile on both a 2003 and 2008 server with no luck.

any help from the gods is greatly appreciated!! =D
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CMH_TECHAuthor Commented:
Ok, an update. and a resolution!

The GPO option for windows 7 that states "remove common program groups from the start menu"
also has teh following in its description in the GPM

 "by default the programs menu contains items from the all users profile and items from the user's profile. If you enable this setting ONLY ITEMS IN THE USERS PROFILE APPEAR IN THE PROGRAM S MENU."

interesting though, this icon if toggled enabled, does stop all the "desktop" items from coming over.
toggling it back off and logging out/in refreshes the icons, and they are all there.

ALSO an interesting twist on creating users profiles locally for a mandatory or super mandatory profile. LOTS of posts about the grayed out box to "copy" a user profile; but the default user is able to be copied.  I tried several different ways, including the hassle of renaming the default user, and changing my created profile name to default, and copying, which DOES WORK HOWEVER!!
i had a thought, and logged into a windows 2008 server, std non DC. created my users locally, copied all the icons to the desktop, logged out, and in as an admin and VOILA!!! i was able to copy any user profile from the server, unlike the W7 pc. it saved me many hours of work!!

Have a read through this - it includes sections on default domain profiles and mandatory profiles.
Check you've not done anything wrong according to that method first.
Justin OwensITIL Problem ManagerCommented:

I think you missed the link....

Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

Ooops profound apologies:
CMH_TECHAuthor Commented:
Problem with that document is I'm not using a default profile for the domain, and i am not creating an image. These are win 7 pro clients, 52 of them ,and each will have a login to the domain. not a TS session. if one client goes down in area "A" and we have to move a client from area "B" we need to simply logout of one profile and login to another. This way they have the shortcuts, printers, mapped drives and all they need with no help desk support. the profiles work fine now, just no desktop items.

These units are replacing 52 win xp clients that are in production now, i have two weeks to make them look, feel and act just about the same as the old ones the nurses are using now to avoid a lynch mob!
So these are just icons within the profile's desktop folder?  Is the desktop folder redirected or is part of the profile itself?
Are other folder contents copying over OK?  I presume the permissions on the desktop items are definitely correct?

Anything in the event logs from at logon?
You could even try turning on the Diagnostic Log under Applications and Services Logs - Microsoft - Windows - Winlogon (Show them in the View menu first) but you might be somewhat swamped with data even after a single logon.
CMH_TECHAuthor Commented:
icons are shortcuts, some for applications, and some IE links. all are in the desktop folder on the share. all are valid, and permissions are ok for all sub-folders
i don't really have anything else copied over,  i can add some favorites and see what they do.

event viewer logs for application show one error for a GPO change to a printer to make it default, but it does what it is supposed to.

support acticles about that log say there is nothing useful to a field engineer, only to MS. i can try it and see.

I am building six more policies today, so i'll be doing lots more testing.
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