adding new files to document library from outlook?

on SharePoint 2007 here....

We're trying to add files to a document library from Outlook (I've already connected).

The purpose of this is to provide a quasi public folder functionality with the SP document library.  In this specific case, we work with about 500 vendors.  Most of the vendors put out quarterly newsletters.  We'd like to have a way for our receptionist to easily drag and drop the newsletters into a Document Library (using the fact that this receptionist would've already "Connected the Document Library" to her Outlook).  

Unfortunately it would seem that this synch to SP 2007 Document Library from Outlook is a 1 way when it comes to **ADDING** documents?  Is there any other way?  Is this fixed in SP 2010?

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Minesh ShahSharePoint & all about itCommented:
well, why don't you enable incoming mails to the library then.
if so,
from your outlook, set a rule to auto forward needed mails to doc library:
when you enable incoming mails, a doc lib has a mail id to which you can send mails.

have a look at this
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
For 2010, you could use SharePoint Workspaces.

Another option is to map a drive to the UNC location of the library.

Another option is to just open the Library in Explorer view, and drop the files in.
crmsharepointAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I suppose one of the things I was hoping for was to be able to have WRITE access to the document library from Outlook.  That way we could create an Outlook rule that will move the message to the Library.  

I *can* move a message to a discussion board, but that's not quite the same look and feel that we want.

Before anyone suggests we open up the doc library to receive messages from "any sender" that's something that we don't do here.  Failing anything else the drive mapping approach may be the way to go, but I'm hoping to keep it all in the Outlook interface so we can then start leveraging rules and what not to get the emails into the library.
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