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How to Change File Location in a Setup Program in Visual Studio 2003 .NET

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I am maintain an application that is a written in Visual Studio 2003 .NET.  The application (called "Solution" in Microsoft terminology) is actually a combination of 10 different projects that is corresponding to one EXE and 9 different DLLs.  It has a Setup program to install this application.  And we have a project that creates that Setup program.  The problem is that that Setup program has never been refreshed in the last 6 years.  We have been relying on Auto-Update to keep everyone's copy of the application to up-to-date.  Relying on Auto-Update has its problem.  Therefore, I am trying to get this Setup program to be up-to-date.  But I am not familiar with how to change the settings in the project that creates that Setup program.  Please help.

What I have a problem with has to do with the locations of the various DLL files have been changed.  The project file for the Setup program is still pointing to the "Release" folders.  That was fine back then.  But the current file locations are in "Debug" folders.  Therefore, the project is picking up the wrong files.  I would like to correct the file locations.  But I cannot find a way to change.  Do I have to remove all the file references from the project and then add them back?  How's about the existing "dependencies"?  What should I do about them?

Please let me know.  Thanks.

Jay Chan
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Thanks for letting me know that I need to start over the Deployment project.  This fixes the problem.

One thing that I need to add is that I needed to write down all the files added to the deployment project (and all the dependencies just in case) before I delete all the file referenced in the deployment project.  This helps me to add them back because some of the files are not obvious.
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