XP Por slow to boot

i have a Xp Pro Dell laptop that takes about 30 minutes to become usable after boot. i have run all the antivirus', combofix, Avira rescue cd, rkill, tdsskill etc.. and nothing has been found. if i boot it up in Safe Mode Command Prompt it is still slow when doing a DIR.
i have used Sysinternals AutoRuns and ProcExp.
All i see in ProcExp that stands out is at the top Interupts is at about 49%. Even a couple of hours later the mouse is slow to drag around the desktop.
i have backed it up and am about to re format unless anyone has any ideas.
i may not know enough about the Sysinternal utilities to tell what the issue is unless by some small chance it is hardware.
if i cannot figure it out in the next little bit i may as well re format reload and get on with life!. My frustration has suddenly boiled over.
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russgarrettAuthor Commented:
even after the machine has been on a while and the interrupts are close to zero it takes Quickbooks forever to load and it sometimes will time out.

When i download the Avira rescuse cd the speed is 26k to 46k per second. at the same time or a different time a ASUS netbook is downloading at over 200 kbs on my dsl.

this is the case if using WiFi or wired.
How much RAM does the Laptop have ?
russgarrettAuthor Commented:
Dell Precision M65 w/ XP SP3 .

CPU T2500 @ @ GHZ Core Duo.  2 gig ram

i reformatted it back in the fall and has been fine up until the last couple of weeks. i have had it about 5 years and love it. hard drive is about 2 years old. it was upgraded to a 200 gig Hitachi.
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Below is a link to the best collection of ways to optimize xp performance (including boot time) that I have seen in one place:

It looks like then one of your hardware devices cause the two many interupts.

Try following in Device Manager:
1. Change view to Resources by connection. The you'll see the IRQ's devices are using.
2. Deactivate each device just one each time (like the Network card, Modem, etc.) and see if it reduces the CPU usage .
When you deactivate one device and it reduces the CPU usage you would have found the device which causes the issue.
sorry I mean too many interupts (not two)
russgarrettAuthor Commented:
i had to just wipe the drive and start over.
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