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Secure Payment Form?

brettsky07 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Hi Experts. I have created a fairly comprehensive php form to register users to an event. It validates than directs them to PayPal for payment. The registration info is than emailed to myself and the payment is processed through our PayPal account.

We want to get away from using PayPal and are looking for a way to take the customers Credit Card info and process it ourselves (we have offline means of doing this). Essentially we need a script to secure the credit card information. Is best to email the CC info or have it stored in a database? Is an SSL certificate enough security?

I am definitely open to third party options however I'd like to keep my form/code as is and simply secure it if possible. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
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Are you located in the USA?  If so, go meet with your bank about the requirements.  There are penalties for getting this wrong and some of them involve handcuffs and prison.

SSL is one piece of the puzzle.  You would not want to email any credit card information ever.
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One other question, what are you looking to gain by getting away from PayPal?


Good to know! Any suggestions to third party software? Getting a secure script than a secure database (hosted by third party) would be ideal. I have tried services such as Web Form Buddy but they basically just add more steps/forms after the user hits submit which seems kind of pointless. Not to mention they look terrible.


I think the fees are too high per transaction...
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