Bitlocker Recovery Password Viewer does not install

Hi all, I am attempting to install the Bitlocker Recovery Password Viewer KB928202 on my system. This tool is already in use on other systems in the Enterprise, but when I attempt to install it on my system, I get the "Update does not apply to your system error"

My OS is Vista SP 2, and I am using the Bitlocker Recovery Password Viewer patch located here.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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Sean MeyerCommented:
Ok try the information from the following MS link --

You can install the Windows6.0-KB928202-x86.msu update on Vista SP2 like this:

1. Download the file to a temporary location (i.e. C:\temp)
2. From a CMD Prompt Window, navigate to the downloaded file location
3. Expand the .MSU file with this command:  extract -F:* Windows6.0-KB928202-x86.msu c:\temp
4. Then install it using package manager (included in Vista) from the folder above:  pkgmgr /n:.\Windows6.0-KB928202-x86.xml

Hope that helps

Sean MeyerCommented:
Ok the related KB article states the update is for --

This article describes how to use the BitLocker Recovery Password Viewer for Active Directory Users and Computers tool. The BitLocker Drive Encryption feature is a data protection feature that is included with the following versions of Windows Vista:

Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows Vista Enterprise

Be sure you are using one of those two versions of Vista.
WilliamK99Author Commented:
I am using Windows Vista Enterprise.
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