Topaz Signature Pad access

Hi all,
I’m new to Citrix and have a XenApp server 6.0 running on Windows 2008 R2. We have an app that is working but we would like to capture signatures using a Topaz T-L460-HSB-R usb signature pad. We do have the signatures working on local machines and would like to see if we can get it working for remote computers.
All that I have done so far is load the topaz drivers on the server. Any help on how to load that remote device would be great.

Let me know if I missed any information for you.
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Hi Paul,

As with scanners, sig pads are not supported on the server. My company has made a solution that will support the Topaz 1x5 signature pads on the server and we support that exact pad. You can contact me if you wish to try the software. The product is called VirtualScan and is on our website My direct email is
PaulDubAuthor Commented:
Simple enough.. Not support
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