Is there a utility in or for windows 2008 r2 to change ownership on a folder including subs and files?

I have a 2008 R2 64 bit server. Some how in the share folder "general"  files and folders has lostownership  permissions .
Ex, shows ownership on file to be S-1-22-1-0
Maybe the owner was deleted from AD.
I know how to fix the problem manually but have to do this for each file/folder.

Is there a utility in Windows 2008 r2  like "chown" for linux that will allow me to change ownership of ALL the files and folders in \general  ( \general\*.* /s ) ?

 Also, what is the Proceedure?

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Mike KlineCommented:
subinacl is a good tool I've used in the past,  they give some examples there and plenty of examples if you search subinacl on the web.

What I'm not sure of is if it works on 2008 R2...don't want to blow smoke,  haven't test that against a 2008 R2 box.

atredoAuthor Commented:
mkline71: Sorry for the delayed response.
I was looking at the subinacl command too, but also didnt know it would work on a  2008 r2 server.
I was hoping for more responses from the community.

atredoAuthor Commented:
Found this in knowledgebase:
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No oBdA:Should work just as well as in W2k3; just do NOT use the subinacl.exe version from the W2k3 Resource Kit (show version 4.something); this version is buggy and won't do anything useful.
SubInACL (SubInACL.exe)
The subinacl download is exactly the same for W2k3/W2k8 in "Method 2: Reset permissions on the system using the SubInACL.exe tool" in this article, for example:
Error message when you use Windows Update or Microsoft Update Web sites to install updates: 0x80070005
atredoAuthor Commented:
More research on my part lead to a solution, but this lead me in the right direction.
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