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I just promoted a secondary DC (2008 R1) to backup our original DC (2003 R1).  Everything seems to work fine (DNS, replication, Group Policy, ect...)  However we have a share drive and Folder-Redirects that point to the original DC (2003 R1) through GP .  With some research i came upon a possible solution. DFS could replicate this info between the two DCs.  However i found out that, with Server 2003 R1 DFS doesn't work really that well for what i want it to do (Apparently it works really well in 2003 R2)  I'm currently installing DFS on the second DC (2008 R1) to see if it works (I don't think it will!).  Any thoughts or ideas?  Do i need a completely new license to go from server 2003 R1 to R2?  Could i use FRS on the 2003 R1 server to accomplish the same goal?  My scope for this project is to have these two DCs completely replicate each other so if one goes down the network is still completely funtional.
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Bad news is that Windows 2003 R1 only has FRS, and Windows 2008 only has DFS-R for replication. To go the Microsoft replication route you would need to upgrade the Windows 2003 R1 server to Windows 2003 R2 or Windows 2008. Yes, it takes a new license to go from Windows 2003 R1 to 2003 R2. You can probably get a Windows 2008 R2 license and use downgrade rights, or just deploy the Windows 2008 R2 on a new server.

Your folder redirection should point to a DFS domain namespace so that you can fail over, such as \\domain.local\dfs\profiles\%username%. You should also make sure that only 1 DFS namespace target is enabled at a time or you can run into issues with files getting overwritten.
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