Adding Metadata Post CD Production

Recently my company ordered about 1,000 audio CD's containing various lectures offered through our seminars. The CD's currently have the title metatag set appropriately, however the audio tracks themselves contain no metadata what so ever aside from the file name being the title.

My problem is that when customers load the CD into iTunes or Windows Media Player, the genre will automatically set to something completely random such as Reagge, and the artist name appears as "Artist"

While we now know for future reference to ensure that the metadata is added initially during production, I wanted to know if there are any common online metadata registries used by iTunes and the other major software companies so that I can upload the appropriate data with them so for the current products we can have users sync the correct information.

Also, is there a way to create a metadata file so that on our website, users can click and download the correct metadata in case they don't use iTunes or other common software.

Thanks very much in advance,
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refs to>I wanted to know if there are any common online metadata registries used by iTunes and the other major software companie>
 audio CD connects to Gracenotes CDDB  for metadata but since your cd contain only infomation from>>various lectures offered through our seminars.<< not audio or mp3 by artists the grace notes cannot give you any metadata

refs to>Also, is there a way to create a metadata file so that on our website< I cannot provide any answers for this, maybe you could repost to a different zone or ask the mods to post to suitable zone/s using the request attention tab in your first comment.
parajrnAuthor Commented:
Hi Merlete,

Thanks very much for the insights. I had the exact thoughts about the metadata issue as our tracks aren't audio data per-se. Also with CDDB, thanks very much for that mention.

Would you happen to know where audiobook metadata comes from in terms of retailers such as Audiable and OverDrive? I think that's the best term to describe our products, as we do have books in print with the same materials so would contacting the print publishers help at all?

Thanks very much again.
parajrnAuthor Commented:
Just a quick update, I did a Google and on Wikipedia which turned up the two articles below which provide a fairly comprehensive list of online music databases and also the workings of CDDB.

I'm just posting them as a followup to  Merete's answer just as a reference to anyone else with the same issue, but Merete's answer helped get me these articles.
parajrnAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much! What originally took a couple hours of searching, was solved in minutes thanks to your answer!
Sorry parajrn  I was at work
Gosh what can I say, thank you and you're welcome. Too easy.
With regards to audio books and their metadata, I think they would have to be read aloud and then recorded to cd as an audio CD.
Digital audiobooks come in all shapes and sizes. You can purchase them online from sites like Audible, eMusic, and iTunes.
is there a way to create a metadata file<<< yes you can make a text version
similar to a sub title version of what is on the video but in text  form.
See if this can provide insights
Extracting and Preparing Metadata to Make Video Files Searchable

With the metadata there is also this Net library which can transcribe the video for you to an audio book with a submission form
check it out
Audiobook submission guide
Thanks again.
Best wishes
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