format blank field date field on report in MS Access 2007

My Access 2007 report has a date field.  The string date is in the database as 20110101.  I can successfully format it in the report using:
=Mid$([STOP_DATE],5,2) & "/" & Mid$([STOP_DATE],7,2) & "/" & Mid$([STOP_DATE],3,2)

If the field is blank it gives #error.  What syntax can I use to incorporate the "=Mid$([STOP_DATE],5,2) & "/" & Mid$([STOP_DATE],7,2) & "/" & Mid$([STOP_DATE],3,2)" and something like "If isNull[STOP_DATE] then [STOP_DATE] = ""

Thank you,
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LucasConnect With a Mentor MS Dynamics DeveloperCommented:
Put this in your textbox:

=iif(isnull([stop_date]),null,Mid$([STOP_DATE],5,2) & "/" & Mid$([STOP_DATE],7,2) & "/" & Mid$([STOP_DATE],3,2))
LindaOKSTATEAuthor Commented:
exactly what I needed
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