Cisco: Daily use IOS commands


1) I want to know the "daily used IOS commands"
2) I believe that "Show run" and "show ip interface brief"  are ones of them ...
3) I do have little knowledge of Cisco; this is for my personal lab
4) Would you provide the other ones please
5) Thank you

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eeRootConnect With a Mentor Commented:
enable - Enables full admin mode (Type disable to exit admin mode)
show version - Shows switch and firmware info
show interface status - Shows status of all interfaces
show interface stats - Shows traffic info for all interfaces
show interface X stats - Shows traffic info for a particular interface
show module - Shows attached modules (only works on systems with removable modules)
show interface status mod X - Shows status of interfaces for a particular module
show cdp neighbor - Shows neighboring Cisco switches and routers
show cdp neighbor detail - Shows full info for neighboring Cisco switches and routers
show log - Shows the log
show clock - Show time and date
show running-config - Shows running-config
show switch detail - Shows info on switch stack (3750 and other stacking switches only)
show power inline - Show power over ethernet info
show vlan brief - Show VLAN info
show env - Show environmental details
show running-config interface x - Shows the running config for a particular port
show version | include uptime - Shows uptime

show mac-address-table     (shows known MAC addresses)
show arp     (shows known IP addresses)

write memory - Save running config to startup config
exit - Exits
jmeggersConnect With a Mentor Sr. Network and Security EngineerCommented:
It really depends on what functions you're running on the router.  Here are some others you might find yourself using regularly:

show ip route
show ip ospf neighbors
show ip bgp
show ip bgp sum

If you're running ipsec:

show crypto isakmp sa
show crypto ipsec sa

CBAC or ZBF would have their own commands as well.
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