Adding Apache configuration directives to Lotus Foundations - Enabling JSON

I asked the following question at IBM and got the the following   I am not an Apache Guru. I am fine with items 1,2,3,4 and 6. Number 5 is the question I want to ask here. As stated below I need to create a text file with a directive to enable JSON on the Apache server. I need to know what would go in the file and what should be the file name and extension.

Could it be a s simple as JSON=ON with a file name of HTTPd2.cfg

Thanks appreciate any help....

The Question asked:  How do I add Apache configuration directives?

***** Here is the INfo IBM provided *******

To modify the Apache configuration, a separate file must be used and included in httpd.conf to reference the changes. Note that the changes applied to Apache are global, and will affect all virtual domains on the server.

   1. Telnet into the server and log in as an administrative user.
   2. Type the following command:

      wv set [httpd]include = 1

   3. A directory named "apache" is created within the home directory the team currently set to act as webmaster. The default webmaster team is named webmaster. To find out which team is configured as the webmaster team use the following command:

      wv get [httpd]Admin Team

   4. Change directories to the httpd directory of your Admin Team. Replace AdminTeam with the output of the previous command.

      cd /home/AdminTeam/apache

   5. Place a file that contains your Apache configuration commands into this directory. Any files placed into this directory will be included into the apache configuration. Only store text files with valid Apache configuration directives in this directory, any other type of file will stop Apache from starting.

   6. Test that Apache understands your configuration directives.

      httpd2 -t

      Note: Ignore any warn messages regarding VirtualHost directives.

   7. Once your configuration is clean, restart Apache with the following command:

      killall -HUP httpd2
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JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), should it be apache-tomcat, jboss or IBM websphere Java web server?
Does plan apache http server support Java script?

I think you need to use Tomcat (under Apache project) for JSON support/enable.
okanekrsAuthor Commented:
I apologize I asked the question incorrectly. I should have phrased it as Adding PHP configuration directives to Lotus Foundations - Enabling JSON on PHP. A friend at IBM was able to steer me in the right direction, and JSON is now installed.

So I think Wesly deserves the 500 points for the fact he was the only one who answered and did in a round of bout way set me straight...
okanekrsAuthor Commented:
Can one of the moderators award the points. to Wesly, then close this question. It really was not the solution
Hi, you can close this question by select your post as solution.
okanekrsAuthor Commented:
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