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Crushed iPod with music that wasn't backed up

So my son lays his ipod touch on the bumper of my car the other day...long story short, I find it down the road absolutely crushed. No hope of repair. He had purchased songs directly on his ipod (pre-crushing) through our wi-fi network but we hadn't backed up to our itunes library. I can see his purchases in the purchase history but cannot figure out how to get the songs into itunes itself. We have an older ipod shuffle that he wants to transfer some songs to. Can this be done and if so, how?
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No.  Apple has (in-)famously made it so that you can only download songs once.  (Blame the recording company licensing agreements.)  It's on you to back them up, you can't download them again.

If they are completely irretrievable from the iPod, then they're lost.  You're going to have to buy them again if you want them.  Sorry.

A shot in the dark
Being a touch it's HD is solid state, so if you can recover the HD and plug it to a computer you may be able to read it as a hard disk.
The ipod doesn't contain "an HD", solid state or otherwise, in the sense that it's not a drive with a standard interface that could be removed from the ipod touch and connected to a sata cable, for example.  It's a memory chip sitting on a proprietary board.

Unless you're willing to send an email to Apple support and hope that they take pity on you, you'll just have to repurchase the songs, I'm afraid.

MilburnDrysdaleAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all...maybe I'll take a picture of the crushed ipod and forward that to Apple support!
It's time to re-visit this:  Today's update to iTunes (version 10.3.1) allows you to re-download music that you previously bought from the iTunes store.  Just log in using the same credentials as you used when you purchased the music in the first place.

Of course, it only works for music that is still being offered through the iTunes store.  Songs that were sold at one time, but are no longer sold today, cannot be re-downloaded.

If your son bought his music from the iTunes store, he should be able to get nearly all of it back now.
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