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Word/Outlook crashing on older documents / random e-mails

We have 4 Windows 7 professional machines crashing on what seem to be random word .doc documents and random e-mails. One of these machines was formatted and reinstalled with Win7 and a different version of Office 2010 Plus but after 4-5 days, the same exact problem arose again.

The version of Office that was originally instaled on all 4 non-working workstations(Lenovo ThinkCentre Core 2 Duo) was also put on an HP Pavillion laptop(Win7 home), Lenovo ThinkPad(Win7 pro) and an IBM Laptop(XP Pro) and all work fine. These other workstations are not used as often as the non-working ones with word/outlook/excel/access, but since the problem resurfaced after being formatted and reinstalled, it seems that there is a macro/add-in/whatever causing this freezing issue to occur.

I've disabled all add-ins/COM/everything in Word on the workstation and had it run Word in compatibility mode with XP SP3 and run as administrator(I am logging in as domain admin) and none of it has helped. These 4 users heavily use mail merges, access, excel, word and outlook.

I've been all through this computer for going into the double digit hours on it and really have not seen why this is even happening. These word documents are literally just a memo/resume with no macros, no add-ins, no logos, no weird fonts. They only thing I've been able to see that they have in common is that they are .doc files. Any ideas?
2 Solutions
sandboxtechAuthor Commented:
Some other things I've done:

Reset all permissions on the program files\Office directory to give full permission to domain admins and domain users.
Ran Office repair.
Enabled All add-ins
Ran in safe mode
Opened in Wordpad (which technically works but has all the formatting in ASCII)
Opened on another machine that it works on, saved and reopened on the non-working machine (same exact issue still)
Opened and saved as a .docx file (same issue still freezes)
Brian GeeCommented:
Are the Application Logs available with any error codes to begin researching with?
sandboxtechAuthor Commented:
App log only shows:


   [ Name]  Office Software Protection Platform Service
  - EventID 1003

   [ Qualifiers]  16384
The Software Protection service has completed licensing status check.

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Even when add-ins are uninstalled or disabled, they may be still causing trouble.  I might be a good idea to check with this tool.  It's a non-install program: just download it an run it.  It might reveal some hidden problem with add-ins.

AddInSpy.exe: http://archive.msdn.microsoft.com/AddInSpy/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=1584
sandboxtechAuthor Commented:
So I bit the bullet and called Microsoft support. After an hour and 45 mins of troubleshooting (they are really good tho expensive) we nailed it down to two known issues, although both rare.

First we disabled protected view in the Trust Center Settings. (first 3 check boxes). When these are enabled and not functioning properly, it will treat .doc files as unknown files and give the error message that the file is corrupt/unknown format. He said there currently is now hotfix for this yet and that 'We recommend you use this protection' but I said I don't care as long as it works.

This allowed us to see the second issue which generated a USP10.dll error in the app log. This does have a hotfix kb2459114 fullfilex86glb. This issue fixes the font substitution in documents with fonts not installed on the computer/not found properly by Word.

Disabled Protected View & Font replacement fix... How annoying.
sandboxtechAuthor Commented:
This is how it was fixed.
sandboxtechAuthor Commented:
So this hotfix worked on one machine, but 3 others still had the freezing issue with Outlook. After some googling... Turns out if you have this problem, delete the font Helvetica. All 3 machines no longer freeze in Outlook.
Create a new normal.dot file in Word and then try again.
sandboxtechAuthor Commented:
I don't know if you can just download the hotfix, you might have to request it from Microsoft support.
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