Configure Outlook Anywhere for User through Exchange 2010

I have just one MS Exchange 2010 Standard server running on Windows 2008 R2.  I have been requested to configure ONE user to use Outlook Anywhere on his laptop rather than use the standard OWA like the other users.  In researching I see a lot of talk about SSL Certificate.  I have an SSL certificate established with OWA.  Can I use the same certificate for configuring Outlook Anywhere for this one client?  I'm not sure what i need to do here to configure one user.  
cobmoIT ManagerAsked:
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cobmoIT ManagerAuthor Commented:

Where would I find Outlook Anywhere?  I dont see it as part of any of the Microsoft downloads.  Is it a part of Office 2010?  Is it part of Windows 7?  I cant seem to find the interface to test.
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