Dell PE 1950

All, I am getting an error E171F PCIE Fatal Error B4 D0 F0 on a dell poweredge 1950.

I have tried removing the spansion cards, network cards and keep getting it. Sometimes it also complains that a CPU is already in panic. If i removed CPU1, which is the one it complaints about, I still get the first error.

Any idea where this location might be and what device could it be on it?
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PowerEdgeTechConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
Is the system functional at all, or is this error preventing it from booting/POST-ing?  The 9th generation servers have many BIOS updates that address memory, processors, and PCI devices.  If it is functional, consider removing any expansion cards and updating the the system firmware (BIOS, ESM, RAID, NIC's).  

Obviously, if it is not functional, you cannot update it, so try removing all expansion cards, reseating the riser cards (expansion risers), and try each processor in the first slot (leaving second slot empty).  If still no, try clearing the NVRAM using the jumpers on the motherboard.

cheto06Author Commented:
The system post just fine starts loading the OS and then it Purple Screens with a bunch of garbage text.  Then the above messages displays on the small window display.   I know the  B4 D0 F0 refers to a location on the system but can't figure out what exactly.
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