Windows 2008 Server Disk issues

I have 2 windows 2008 Enterprise Servers that were once configured as a SQL Cluster. The DB Group removed SQL and Clustering and have handed them to me to Configure with SAN Access. The problem is I seem to have "Ghost Drives" that show in Disk Managment as "unknow" and "Offline". These drives are not a part of the new LUNs presented to the Servers. When I click on the ! beside offline it says "the disk is offline because of a policy set by an Administrator. I can't find the policy. I need to remove these disks from Disk Managment. I have tried everything including "Diskpart". HELP
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It sounds like they are left over from the cluster. Was the cluster connected via iSCSI or FC? I agree that wiping would be best if you don't need to keep the current install. I would also upgrade to 2008 R2 SP1 if your licensing permits it. It is actually faster to install new OS with SP1 than it is to install SP1 in my experience.
So in Disk Management if you right click the disk that is labeled as offline you cannot do a "Remove"

Also have you checked out this link?

Finally and from past experiences when I have been handed a server that was configured for another application or in your case an SQL cluster and now you are trying to re-configure it for something new, the best option is to reload the Operating system to deal with the current hardware configuration.
I think a right-click on the exed out drive should provide an option to remove it in diskmgmt.msc?
The account with which you are logged on has to have those rights if it is not a member of either system operators, administrators group.
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charlesplilerAuthor Commented:
Only options right-clicking the disks are: On-line. Properties, and Help.
On-line produces "The system cannot find the file specified"
Properties doesn't help
Help doesn't really help either
You are positive you are logged into the server as the Local Administrator account correct? Because the local admin should have the ability to remove drives from disk management.  However and depending upon the configuration when the Server was acting as an SQL cluster it might have been created by a Domain Admin account that you no longer have access to.

I am not sure if time is an issue in your case and how soon you need to be in production or if you need to save any of the data files on this server.  If possible you might want to consider doing a fresh install of Server 2008 using the current hardware configuration.....this will solve this issue for sure.
Are these drives exactly the same size as the LUNs that you have been provisioned for you? If so you probably need to re-configure your multipath software.
charlesplilerAuthor Commented:
I have logged in as "local Admin" as well as my "Domain Amin" and have no option to delete the drives. These are apparently LUNs that the OS saw from the previous Cluster that no longer exists. I see references to MPIO but there is nothing in that Admin snap-in to delete the disks.
charlesplilerAuthor Commented:
Unexpected failure. Error code: 2@02000018  is the error in event viewer when I try to bring the ghost disks on-line.
Source: Virtual Disk Service
EventID: 1
Level: ERROR
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