What is the proper CSS style for "Futura Light"?

I am a web developer building a site from a PSD provided by a designer.

The PSD contains the use of the "Futura Light" font but I don't know how to specify that font in my CSS file. I have tried various css designations but they don't appear for me because I don't have Futura Light on my computer.

Can anyone tell me the actual Font style to specify in CSS for Futura Light?

p.s: I also need to know how to specify Futura Book.

Thanks Experts!
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When you specify something like this, it needs to get put in quotes.

.futura p {
  font-family: "Futura Light", Helvetica, arial, sans-serif;

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Remember that this is NOT a web safe font. For extended capability, and to make sure your site rendered with the fonts you want, look into SiFR. SiFR uses flash and JavaScript to take a text element and automatically turn it into a flash file that renders the way you want. It is styled with CSS inside the JavaScript. It works great. Plus, since it uses the text already on your page, if flash or JavaScript is disabled in someone's browser, the text renders as it normally would.


If you want more info on how to use SiFR, we can make that happen.
rascalAuthor Commented:
Thanks jonahzona,

I will also look into the SiFR - my only question on what would be how it would affect devices that don't handle Flash such as iPad, etc., but I assume it is written to fall back and use the regular CSS if Flash/Javascript is not available.

On a side note: Should I assume then that the Futura Book font is specified as you mentioned above, only using "Futura Book"?
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