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Google MAPS DirectionsRenderer()

Richard Korts
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
I am using this object to calculate dirving directions for service techs.

It seems that if there are more than 8 waypoints, the process fails.

I can post my code (mostly copied from the Google API documentation).

We will likely need about 20 waypoints in some instances.

Is there a way around this?
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Richard KortsBusiness Owner / Chief Developer


To Ray_Paseur:

Thanks Ray.

I'm looking for a more automated thing.

The customer has almost 4,000 customers (Wichita KS area). Look at this example.


Click "Calc Route".

This is just a mock up; in this simple case, I hard coded all the addresses in JavaScript.

The real cust appts. are in a database. They want to be able to select a date (like tomorrow), AM or PM or all & get driving directions to the selected appts, where the directions are optimized via the "waypoints" as Google Maps calls them, from their office (1527 S. Washington)

I have this programmed in php. The problem is if there are more than 8 "waypoints", it fails. I have found docs that state an awareness of this but NOT the solution.
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