Blue screen

My Gf's machine blue screened. She is not that good with computers. i am in a different state. I can remote into her computer and whatever I do I have to do it on top of OS. I can not use Boot disk or anything.

I suspect:

1. Bad Sectors on harddrive
2. OS related issues like driver failure or may be spyware.

Now Questions:

1.What kind of tests should I run to see what is cause of the problem?
2. Do I have to download any particular tools for that?
3.Any suggestions?
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Sean ScissorsConnect With a Mentor Program Analyst IICommented:
Download a free tool called "BlueScreenViewer". It will read the BSOD log in easy to read format so you can see the cause of the BSOD. It will also show if she has had more then just this one reported case. Run that tool and take a quick PrintScreen showing if it is a driver or if it is the kernel that caused the BSOD. Or simply tell us, but let us know that then I can tell you what needs to be done.
AmolConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ask her to press f8 before windows loads and select "last known good configuration". If that didn't worked, ask her to go to safe mode and try system restore to previous date.
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
since you suspect the disk, download the diagnostic for it : run the LONG diag
you can also download ubcd, and have her run the memtest86+ and disk daigs from that bootable cd      
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here the link :      
DracoDanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Honestly, if it was only one bluescreen, I would tell her to make a backup of her data (as she should be doing anyway) and keep using the computer.  BSOD is usually a sign of a problem, but not always, it could have been something as simple as a USB device that caused it.  If she encounters the problem again, I would really start looking closely for hardware problems.

As nobus mentioned above, UBCD is a great suite for testing pretty much any hardware in a computer.  I would start with memtest86+ and let that run at least overnight.  Yes, using this means you will have to walk your GF through burning it and starting up the utility, but the menus are very simple and straight-forward, and once the test starts she just needs to leave it alone and wait.  One of the biggest causes I see for BSODs is an overheating CPU caused by animal hair/dander clogging the heatsink.  unfortunately it will be kinda tricky to walk her through checking this, but if you know that she has one or more pets that's commonly around the computer, it may be a good place to start.
TheCommunicatorAuthor Commented:
Hmmmmm nice explanation. thank you so much guys. i really appreciate the help.
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