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I have this line of SQL 2000. I coded it last year and now not sure what it means.

sm.weight is foat.

it can have values like 3 OR 2.72099995613098 OR 2

select sm.weight,  AND (CAST(floor( sm.weight  * 1000000000000000000) AS bigint) %100000)  

from ...
 AND (CAST(floor( sm.weight  * 1000000000000000000) AS bigint) %100000)  <=  0

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Anthony PerkinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would be more inclined to try something like this:
WHERE sm.weight  = CAST(sm.weight AS numeric (38,10))  -- change scale and precision appropriately.

Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Since float is an approximate value you are trying to determine if the value stored is approximate or not.  So instead of 2.123 you may have 2.1229999999999999.  With this arithmetic acrobatics you can confirm this is the case.

It would be far better if you just quit using float and instead used numeric, that way you would not have to resort to this perfromant killing calculation every time.
consider sm.weight = 2.72099995613098

 (CAST(floor( sm.weight  * 1000000000000000000) AS bigint) %100000)  
~ ( sm.weight  * 1000000000000000000) = A = 2,720,999,956,130,980,000
~ floor(A) = B = 2,720,999,956,130,980,000 (floor function return the largest integer)
~ CAST(b as bigint) = C = 2,720,999,956,130,980,000
~C%100000 = C mod 100000 = 80000

Is the AND is typo error? it's should be boolean operator instead of act as function
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CamilliaAuthor Commented:
this is a vendor provided database. I can't change it. Have to use that float.

That "AND" is part of the where clause i had (copied it by mistake).

I changed the clause to this, would this cause an issue? I changed it because i was getting an arthimatic overlfow error;

(CAST(floor(cast( sm.weight as int)  * 1000000000000000000) AS bigint) %100000)  
CamilliaAuthor Commented:
i'll try it
CAST(floor( @x  * 1000000000000000000) AS bigint)  multiplies the float value with 1000000000000000000
floor function returns the closese integer less than the multiplication produst
and convert it to a bigint

%100000 takes the reminder from division of above value by 100000.

Alpesh PatelAssistant ConsultantCommented:
It use for to get specific round of value
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