little logo on browser for my website

whenever I see a website that has a little logo on the browser, I wonder how they do it.  

For example when you go to ebay, it show the ebay logo in the address bar.

How can I do that?  I use WordPress for my site
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This is called a favicon. Sort of a combination of a favorite and icon.

What you need to do is take the logo you want and use an online favicon generator. Here is one I often use.

Once you download the favicon, it should be titled favicon.ico

Put this in the root directory of your site and you're all set!

Jagadishwor DulalBraces MediaCommented:
The icon  (.ico) or image (.png, .gif ) file is used for favicon icon. To use favicon icon just use this code inside your head tag like below:

<link href="images/favicon.png" rel="shortcut icon"/> <!-- Use your image path or icon path-->

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