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HP Procurve 3400cl switch VLAN Configuration

I have an HP 3400cl ProCurve Switch.  What I want to accomplish is the following.

I have two distinct networks for two different companies that reside in our building.  I have one MPLS circuit terminated in to a Verizon router that we will use to connect our two companies to the others in the corporation.  We have a Verizon router in our server room that is used for the MPLS.  On the LAN interface are two IP addresses that corespond to the two networks.

Let say that they are and  Since there is only one interface, I want to set up a switch using VLANs to connect the two distinct networks to the LAN interface on the Verizon router.

I know that I can do this with VLANs, but I'm not sure how to do it. A friend told me that I would set up the VLANS and configure port 2 with one of them and port 3 with the other.  then port 1 with both in a trunk configuration.  

Can someone help?
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two things need to happen. This requires config on both the router and switch
Firstly on the switch.
Lets assume vlan 10 and vlan 20 are to be used

to use your ports as mentioned above, from cli on the switch....

conf t
vlan 10
tagged 1
untagged 2
vlan 20
tagged 1
untagged 3
wr mem

Now on the router......
Those 2 IP's need to be assigned to individual vlans (not a primary and secondary ip as it sounds like now)
Simply re-assign those ip's to the matching vlan interfaces rather than the physical interface and away you go :)

Good luck
oh, and change the router physical interface to trunk mode.

If this is a managed router the provider will need to do this for you.
cwalker007Author Commented:
Ok, thanks for the info, but I'm not going to be able to get the VLANS added to the Verizon switch.  Is that another way to accomplish what I want?
assuming the 3400 is capable of routing (i think it is but not 100%) you could setup a link between the router and the switch utilising a /30 subnet and using the switch to deal with the 2 large subnets above but this would require some changes by verizon to have those subnets routed to the switch rather than being directly connected and the additional subnet added to the MPLS routing table.

I would be extremely suprised if verizon wouldn't come to the party to deliver the 2 subnets on seperate vlans remembering that the 2 vlans are local vlans only and do not travel through the MPLS "cloud".
Assuming the verizon router is cisco, it would need 8 lines of config to be typed to achieve what you want.

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