TortoiseSVN & Filezilla

I wish to setup TortoiseSVN (or smartSVN) client in laptop and PC and my client laptop/PC elsewhere which aim to share project and files between us.

there is Filezilla, who seem not willing to offer support on SVN matter. However there seem to be indication other managed to get it working.

Can anyone provide procedure how to setup TortoiseSVN and filezilla?. I have filezilla account. I would like to learn more of user experience with them.


Richard PayneChief Technology EngineerAsked:
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I don't understand what the problem is.  If you have a repository that both computers can access, then just use that: commit all files in on one computer, and all the other has to do is download them.  You can also use FileZilla to upload new files to the server & then download them on the other PC.

FileZilla, as an FTP system, cannot deal with deleted files: even if you delete them off the server, the only way the other computer could account for them (without getting a custom program in the mix) would be to delete the entire downloaded content & then re-download it.

SVN (using TortoiseSVN or SmartSVN as clients) would accommodate for deleted files very gracefully, and would ensure the project files are completely synchronized.
Richard PayneChief Technology EngineerAuthor Commented:
In other word, I can manage project under SVN with Filezilla as well as other user elsewhere under SVN. This will ensure locking and update and commit as needed.

I wish to be ensured Filezilla impose no restriction for using SVN service. This is why I'm asking if anyone use SVN successfully with filezilla.
Richard PayneChief Technology EngineerAuthor Commented:
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