Unable to install Adobe Acrobat Pro X on Windows Vista Business 64bit

When I try running the install from the original Acrobat Pro X cd, it fails and a popup window says to refer to the minimum system requirements.

When I run the Windows patch WindowsInstaller KB893803 v2 x86 it says there is not storage is available to process this command.  

Does anyone know how to successfully install Acrobat Pro X on Windows Vista Business 64bit - fully patched and updated? (Intel Duo Core CPU, 4GB ram, 500GB HDD free).


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Brian GeeCommented:
I know you said you have all patches and update, but be sure that you're running Service Pack 2 before trying to install Adobe Acrobat X.
Have you assigned enough space to your system disk?
sidartraAuthor Commented:

Yes the PC has 50GB free disk space and 4GB ram and has latest Vista SP applied.

I think it is some MS KB that I need to apply.

Brian GeeCommented:
Run an sfc /scannow and then try the necessary updates again. Then see if Acrobat X Pro installs afterward.
sidartraAuthor Commented:
Adobe Acrobat X needed Vista SP2 to install.
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