how do i copy all emails from one computer to new one

I have windows XP with outlook 2003 and i would like to copy all mails to window7 machine with outlook 2007 and to start using the new machine

what is the procedure?

thanks in advance
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Brian GeeCommented:
Create a PST file of your mailbox.

From Outlook 2003:

File > Import and Export > Export to a file > Next  > Personal Folder File (.pst) > Next > select Mailbox > check Include subfolders > click Browse to save the PST file to a place where you can find it later (like the Desktop) > Finish.

You can then import this PST file into Outlook 2007 accordingly.
If the mails are lying in your Mailbox, once you connect to the Exchange server using Outlook 2007, you will be able to find the mails. However if you have created 'pst's to organise your mails, you have to connect to them manually on the new server.

If you are upgrading it on the old machine, then I beleive it connects to the 'Pst's automatically.

if you using a private/personal email account you should export to a PST like yobri said above, but if you are using a business email account connected to Exchange server then all you need to do is setup the account settings again, all the email resides on the server.
Also look for any linked PST files on the old computer, these need to be copied to the new PC then linked again to Outlook.
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SteveIT ManagerCommented:
don't forget your nickname files (.nk2) also - located at C:\Documents and Settings\profilename\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook
gvilbisAuthor Commented:
what is nickname files .nk2 means?
The .nk2 file stores all cached names.

When starting a new email Outlook brings up a list of suggested names on the to: field, these names Are stored in the .nk2 file.
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