Java GUI Mortgage Calculator

    I am attemping to write a program that will alllo a user to input information manually or by
selecting a pre-calculated Jbutton.   The Jbutons work but I am stumped on receiving the user
manual information.  Basically the manual input will is not displayed on the result payne

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objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you need to calculate the payment *after* you have parsed the input

                     areaAmortTable.append ("Payment # \t Remaining Balance \t  Interest Paid\n");
                     loanAmt = Double.parseDouble(fieldLoanAmount.getText());
                     userTerm = Integer.parseInt(fieldTerm.getText());
                     userRate = Double.parseDouble(fieldRate.getText());
                     double paymentAmount = CalculatePayment ();
                     fieldPayment.setText("" + (currency.format(paymentAmount)));
808KCAuthor Commented:
 Incredible.   I spent a couple  frustrating hours on this.   Thanks
808KCAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much  for your help.  I always learn more from yours and this sites expert advice than I do reading books and sitting in a classroom.
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