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Cannot save to My Network Places from Adobe Reader X

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Good Afternoon,

I have a client that utilises WSS 3.0 on SBS 2008 quite heavily. They often use "My Network Places" to save documents to Share Point Libraries.

One machine (Running XP) cannot save to My Network Places (File > Save As)
using Adobe Reader X. All other applications (Word, Excel etc) are fine. All other XP clients on the network are fine...

When they browse to the WebDAV (My Network Places) folder, the sub folders do not appear (see screenshot)

Any ideas?

Thanks, Gerald Adobe Screenshot
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Oh, as an update I've Uninstalled and re-installed Adobe Acrobat as well......
Minesh ShahSharePoint & all about it

well, does the login id of machine login has access to this sharepoint repository...
give if not.

also, check with same login (machine from which this is not accessible) on different machine & see the result...
 post the response


I have logged in on a different machine with the same login and The My Network Places subfolders are available...

On the original machine and login if the user Saves files from Word or Excel to My Network Places it works OK, see attached..

It's just Adobe Reader X where they cannot see the sub folders Word
Minesh ShahSharePoint & all about it

right, please check on the infected machine with different login & share the response.
i assume word & pdf docs u r trying to put are on the same location in sharepoint
also share the path in which you are trying to upload this


I logged onto the affected machine with another users credentials and I am still having the ame issue.

You are correct in your assumption


Minesh ShahSharePoint & all about it

means the issue is machine specific.
verify the acrobat version of this machine & some other machine where this works fine.
i a sure u'll see some difference.

point is: uninstall this acrobat and install a fresh copy of acrobat from some other exe or some other version.


I've already done that. Tried adobe 8, 9 and 10. All other machines on network run adobe 10 and work ok. That was the first thing I tried.


I have also disconnected and reconfigured the My Network Places locations...
SharePoint & all about it
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We ended upgradeing the users left on XP to Windows 7......so we can close this question
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