exchange 2010 server 2008 r2 SP1 fatal error during install, could not boot into safe mode, solved but would like advice...

hi all,

our exchange server just tried to install SP1 for server 2008 and during reboot and install of the updates a fatal error ocurred

the error was C0000034 i tried to boot into safe mode and it halted at classpnp.sys unable to continue

i found this thread
i didnt do the first bit i did the second bit editing the xml file, the server rebooted and finsihed updates

in update history it now says SP1 has failed, which is fine, atleast our server is back up!

ive downloaded the readiness tool and am going to run it on th server before attempting to install SP1 again

could anyone offer any advice or steps to take before installing this service pack and for any future reference what else can i do to make sure it doesnt happen again

is the readiness tool enough?
what else should/can i do?

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The_KirschiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You actually cannot "use" it. It will "run" for itself:

awilderbeastAuthor Commented:
i already have it up and fixed, now i darent update any of my servers, i read about a windows update readiness tool

i found it and have installed it (it comes as s hotfix) but i see nowhere i can use it?

you know anythign about it?

awilderbeastAuthor Commented:
so it auto checks that the updates are safe to run before isntalling?

how can i make sure that the error i had wont happen again when i try reinstall sp1?

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