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Exchange 2010 trust releanship

jonas-p asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11

I was having trouble with my domain controllers and exchange servers because of some hardware issues. Now i needed to restore this machines with back-ups from a week ago.

But now my active directory on domain controller 2 is giving an error.
And I can get log in on my exchange server, so also here are errors
I get following error in loggin in:
         The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed.

Please help me you get my domain and exchange infrastructe to start again. dc1.txt dc2.txt
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Firstly, please make sure your DNS Settings are correct, your primary DNS Server on each workstation should be pointing to the SBS Server's own IP address. Access permissions are always scuppered if there are and DNS Issues, and this one is usually to blame. Whilst you are checking the DNS Settings, confirm your Gateway settings are pointing to either your Router, Firewall or SBS if it's configured as so.

Your problem is the Trust Relationship, A Quick fix is performed by Going into your Network Properties on each station and changing the Domain to a workgroup - call the workgroup anything, click OK, and when your computer says Welcome to the "anything" workgroup, you simply need to OK this, then change the settings back to the Domain, enter the domain, then it should be fine.



On my dns settings nothing was changed. The primary dns is the domain controller dc1 and the second dns is configured as domain controller dc2. This is done for all my machines on the network including workstations, exchange server, ... The gateway for all the machines is the ip of my router.
But like i said nothing was changed in that matter.

Thanks I know i can fix the issue for my workstations by doing like you said. (Change workgroup - and back to the domain). But that doesn't solve the problem of domain controller 2, dc2. Still on fault.
Can I do this also for exchange server? Change to workgroup and back to domain?

Make sure the connectivity part whether you are able to ping DC2 first, if there is no connectivity issues then, you should demote the DC2 and disjoin from the domain and connect again then promote using DCpromo

Yes do above raj steps it should work.

Log on locally as a local administrator. In the Network tool of Control Panel, select Change and enter a Workgroup name, leaving the domain. Restart the computer and log on locally as a local administrator.

There are two methods to rejoin the domain:

    * You can join the domain from the client if at the same time you can provide an administrator username and password on the domain.

    * You can delete the existing computer account in Server Manager, recreate the computer account, synchronize the domain, and then on the client rejoin the domain.


Hi guys thanks for the input. So far my domain controllers are back up and no errors are coming up for the next two hours.

But for the exchange I still have a problem. Like you said i want to changes the domain to the workgroup.
But I get following message:

Computer Name/Domain Changes
The following error occurred attempting to unjoin the domain "ropo.be":
The service cannot accept control messages at this time.

What should i do?
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