Setting up a Terminal Server (2008) for external access

Hello All,

We're thinking adding a Terminal Server for external use.    We want home/remote users to be able to connect in via TS.   From what I gather, we just need a TS Gateway and a SSL CA.   We don't have a CA server in the network so I assume we need to get a SSL certificate from a company like Verisign.  Is this all correct?

My info was gathered from here:

Thank you for any input.
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jerrypdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes, then you would just open up the associated port in the firewall.
I used Network Solutions for my SSL cert.

SA-mattmanAuthor Commented:
So the basic or advanced SSL cert from this webpage will work?
Thanks.  Just want to be sure.
SA-mattmanAuthor Commented:
i believe so - i talked to a sales rep at NS when I purchased mine - not used for TS, but for outlook via internet...
I have a basic cert...
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