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windows 2003 domain with roaming profiles "adding printer" issue

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-21
This is the oddest thing I have had happen yet.  Recently I was told to delete the common AD accounts "IE = teacher1a, teacher1b, etc"  Then when the IT directors plan totally fell apart and didnt work, which didnt surprise me, he told me to re-make those accounts and re-attach their email and put back to normal.  Their home folders were re-added successfully and their email mailboxes were attached successfully also.  

Here is the odd issue, some, but not all, cannot re-add printers to their accounts.  Now I am running roaming profiles, which shouldnt be an issue.  Half can run a simple batch script and re-add all their printers, but half get an error that says they do not have local permissions.  I have checked the computers that work and the local permissions are no different than the ones that do not work.  The security is the same on all machines in AD as well.

What could I be missing in order to simply have all the accounts be able to add printers?  They are all running Windows XP SP.3 and my domain is a windows 2003 domain.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

thank you
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Also check event logs and look for errors.

Is printer drivers installed in system?

Permission error occurs when user try create printer without permission to install proper drivers.

Install printer drivers under administrator account.
What is the exact error message?
Can you also post the batch script. If not then remove the @Echo Off from the script and then run the batch script manually to see the error.
Also, Did you re-assign the permissions for the users on the printer? As these are new user accounts the SID will be different than before.



So you think it's the profile pulled from the server to the machine itself?  Not the profile on the DC?

I'll give that a shot!

God I hope this does the job...now its like 3 of 100 users...weird!


Ok it HAS to be a profile issue!
I deleted the local profile and still was occuring.  But then I thought that profile is pulled from the server (roaming) so if the server profile is bad, then the local one would be too.

I turned off the roaming profile and deleted the local profile.  Logged in as the user and everything worked fine (minus the profile stuff from their desktop, which wasnt much as it is so is a good test)
Next I'll try a new roaming profile and local profile and see if that does the job.

thanks for your help!!


On the right path! Is a profile issue between local and roaming!

Glad that it worked for you.
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