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I currently have a mixed environment of Windows 2003 R2 and Windows 2008R2 running Active Directory Services.  I also have a 2003 R2 with Exchange not running AD.  My functional forest and domain level is currently set to 2000.  I am assuming I can elevate this to 2003 with no problems.

I hope to decommission my 2003 R2 AD server in the next few months leaving only the 2008 R2 servers running AD.  At this time, can I elevate the functional level to 2008 even though I have the 2003 R2 server running Exchange with no AD?

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ghostwheel208Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello tech1984.

You can elevate your functional domain and forest level to Server 2003 without any problems at all.
I strongly recommend that you do it as soon as possible becouse you will have numerous advantages. Once you elevate your level to Server 2008R2 you will for example have AD Recycle Bin whitch by itself is reason enough to raise levels.

Here is detailed procedure on how to raise your Functional Level :

Here you have detailed list of funcionalities with raising level to Server 2003

You really cannot make any mistake with this procedure. I have done it meany, meany times.
if you need any futher help please dont hesitate to leave a message.

Best Regards,

Vinchenzo-the-SecondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This should not affect Exchange.  If you have no Windows 2000 DC's then raise the domain and forest function levels.  Once all the Windows 2003 DC's are removed then raise to Windows 2008 R2.  When you raise the function levels you benefit from the new functionality
Darius GhassemConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can raise your forest level to Windows 2008 even with a Exchange 2003 server.

Please refer to the Exchange Support Matrix
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