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Dear Fellow Experts, I wonder if you would know why colour palettes change between one PC and another Pc. Basically, one of my colleagues creates a MI report for my review, when I do get around to review, the colour of charts and cells looks aweful and unco-ordinated on my PC, but look fine on his. This happens whether we open in 2003 on both machines, or 2007!

It's all very bizarre!

Any chance you could help?

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Rory ArchibaldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Only by checking Tools-Options and looking at the Color tab.
Rory ArchibaldCommented:
Is one, or both, of you using a custom workbook template file?
RunriggerAuthor Commented:
Rory, not that I am aware of, however, our company does have a custom toolbar which converts colours to the "company" standard (when we click the buttons that is).

I wonder if an addin is being executed at the start of Excel? Doesn't explain why he has different colours then I do though.

Is there a way to check which colour palette is in use (maybe an Excel option)?
RunriggerAuthor Commented:
Rory, that helps (a lot) for 2003 as I can reset the colour palette, can't quite work out how I can do it for 2007/2010 though.

don't quite know what MS were doing when they decided to change a default colour palette, one that had been around for ever!

You get the points though as you have essentially answered the question and saved me a heap of time trying to work it out, thank you
RunriggerAuthor Commented:
thanks Rory
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