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If i am adding data to a database in mysql workbench is there anyway to create scripts of the corresponding insert statements for the data I have just inserted. I'm experimenting with something and i find i am entering and deleting the same set of data a lot and i keep entering the data manually. I was hoping mysql workbench could create a script of the inserts i had performed

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StraySodConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I don't know what version of MWB you're using, but you should be able to generate dumps by pressing ctrl + shift + G (File - Export - Forward Engineer SQL CREATE ... ).
There's a checkbox at the bottom of the dialog 'Generate INSERT Statements for Tables'. This should be the way to go. Hope I understood your question correctly.
andiejeAuthor Commented:
I'm in the sql editor window and i am adding data manually by clicking on the table and selecting 'edit table data'

However i now see i can add data from the model window and generate insert statements as you suggested
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