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Outlook 2007 gets 'tired' of searching other users mailbox

macxpres asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Hi there

We have a strange problem. We have a lot of users who each have full mailbox access to max 3 other users. Everythings works fine. Users can open the other users mailbox and browse everything without any problems.
Now here is the problem: Users often search the other users mailbox. When the result is displayed SOMETIMES the mails can not be opened (Outlook says "Cannot open this item").
However restarting Outlook resolves the search problem for just a few searches. After a while searching will result in the error and contiune to return the error untill Outlook is restarted again.
Here is what i have learned:
• When the error is displayed - all the following searches will not work.
• Restarting Outlook temporarily removes the problem
• It's only in Outlook 2007.
• The problem came after upgrading the server to Exchange 2010.
• It doesn't matter if it's XP, Vista ot WIn 7
• Searching your own mails never fails

Hope someone has come across this problem before and knpw how to fix it... (important to us since we do a LOT of searching)

I found this thread regarding the same isue:

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Top Expert 2012

Just a few basics:
1st check they are all using Office 2007 SP2 (SPO2 resolved several search issues)

2nd check they all have search 4.0 installed

Now in saything that.
I was never aware that one can perform sucessful search on other users mailboxes, without have adding them as an Additional Mailbox.
There are known search issues in Outlook 2007/2010 when searchin across mailboxes.
These issues can be complicated by the use of Cached Exchange Mode

best thing to do would be to use 3rd party search apps or tools
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