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Exchange 2010 Retention Policy

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Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I am using Exchange 2010 and am trying to setup a retention policy.  What I want is all items in the Deleted Items bin to be deleted from the users outlook after 30 days.  I want all users junk mail to be deleted after 14 days.  I created 2 retention policy tags to handle this.  One is for the type of Deleted items set to permanently delete with age limit 30 days and retention Enabled.  The other usees the type Junk E-mail, with delete and allow recovery, age limit 14, and retention is enabled.  I then created a new retention policy called mailbox cleanup. I added both tags to the Policy.  I then added  1 mailbox for testing purposes (mine).  Afterwards I ran the mailbox helper command from the command line.  I waited a while and closed my out look and opened it again.  I waited several days to see if it would take some time.  I still have items sitting in the deleted items from last year.  I still have junk mail from last year.  Am I missing something in my setup or is something else need to be done to get this up and running?
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Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independent Technology Professional

Were you aware that the age count starts from the last time the item was modified? i.e. Moved to the deleted items counts as modified.

For those following along, http://www.shudnow.net/2010/04/08/exchange-2010-sp1-retention-policies/ is a good rundown on how to set this up.


I was not aware of that, but these items were moved a month ago.  I am still going throught the link you gave to check to make sure I have done everthing possible.  The policy was created and enforced created 33 days ago as well.  We thought that may have been a possible reason.  Would sending an item to the deleted items bin reset the age for all items?  It shouldn't.  The test mailbox is mine, and I have been letting old items pile in a little everyday as I delete them from present day e-mail.  I don't go back and delete messages from 6 months ago so pretty much give or taje a day, the e-mail shouold be deleted on the day it comes in.  If it is based on when I put them in there everything should be cleared up based on the policy through end of March.


I went through and followed it to the letter.  It still isn't working for me.  Where they got to select the policy in outlook 2010, I my option is greyed out.


My option in Outlook 2010 for policies is greyed out and I can't even see policies are created and in web outlook I see a greyed out policy that I can't select.  It says "Use folder policy" with a green checkmark only but he option is greyed out and none of the other policies show.


I reviewed the policy listed in OWA and I determined that the one greyed out policy [test (14 days)] is not even a policy we configured or a policy we have listed in EMC.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

Please see the following Exchange Server Team Blog post on the new Dumpster and short term/long term retention and how to set them up:


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patch and restart worked.
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