SMSS Debugging Stored Procedure

I am trying to find a way, either through VS or using SMSS, to debug a stored procedure. I can use print statements, etc. but I am trying to use real debugging methods. Breakpoints, Step into, etc. Notes: I have all versions of SMSS and VS and the DB is on a 2005 SQL server, no linked servers.

I have followed a number of  google articles and am getting more frustrated. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks. LK
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Please go through the below link:

Let me know if it does not work. And finally what is the edition of VS and SQL Server 2005?
ljkraussAuthor Commented:

bull_rider: this will take some time... Ill try this evening...

radceasar: i tried this from VS 2010 and got:
Successfully attached these types of code: Managed (2.0....)

Failed to attach TSQL. Operation Aborted.

Everything seeemed the same as in the instructions so I didnt think it was an issue with the VS version - though the web page doesnt include 2010 under versions where other similar pages do. I dont have VS 2008 installed at the moment....

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Alpesh PatelAssistant ConsultantCommented:

There is a Debugger is available. Put break points on code and debug it. tst tst
ljkraussAuthor Commented:
Sorry for not following up on this item. We have recently set up a large 2008 R2 cluster and been migrating apps over. Frankly I dont remember the  details of not being able to get the debugger working on SQL 2005 but I believe it was something to do with a Security issue on that particular SQL server. Thanks to all of those that commented.
ljkraussAuthor Commented:
Any partial solution was due to my lack of followup not those trying to help.
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