how to develop a webmail address book importer using Coldfusion?

is there any sample script or a solution in coldfusion to develop an address book import form like facebook? so that coldfusion can access and display or insert address book contacts in a database when the user enter his username and password? I found some websites that sell these scripts in coldfusion but I want know the proper methodology used in Coldfusion to import email contacts upon user login to his email using a coldfusion form!
Would appreciate any possible help, and please no links to websites that sell scripts.
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ok - I was referring to a person exporting their own contacts to a file - then importing that file into another site.
import from what source?
outlook? - gmail?
this matters
on the simplest level the answer to your question is to parse and loop the "address book" and while doing so insert to db.

but - there isn't a universal parser that will parse anything fed into it.
if doing this for customers you may want to build a mini app that asks what the source of their address book is - then you have a few pre - programmed routines that parse based on the source.
and tell them "sorry" if they have a format outside your library of routines.
mark222Author Commented:
I'm targetting webmails from mail providers such as yahoo, lycos, gmail, live, hotmail, etc.
Think it as the same idea of facebook or any other social networking website, they provide you for a login form to type your email username and password and the mail provider (hotmail, yahoo, etc as a drop down menu).
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