How can I determine if a SQL Server database is OLTP vs Data Warehouse?

This may sound like a dumb question but I could really use the answer.
I just started work as a Jr. SQL Server DBA with a company in finance industry.
The company has 250+ SQL Server databases, with versions ranging from SQLServer 2000-2008. As you might imagine the company has a variety of applications using these databases.
I am trying to create a inventory database with all the instances and databases along with important statistics on each instance and database so I can manage them all.

My Delimma:
I am new to this industry so I am not familiar with any of the financial applications. I cannot always tell if the sql server database is being used as in OLTP or Data Warehouse mode.
Is there a quick T-SQL or system stored procedure I can use to tell me what mode the server is in? Is the T-SQL /sp different for sql2000-2005-2008?
Thanks for all your help.
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BitadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks I appreciate the quick response.
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