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Computer IP cannot see a Printer IP

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Last Modified: 2013-12-15
This morning, user was printing and then stopped, no print jobs would come through, they contacted me.

Our Setup, I'm 2 hours away...
SonicWall VPN
User Location: 192.168.3.X
My Location: 192.168.2.X
User's Computer:
HP Printer:

I type in iExplorer, HP web interface pops up says Status Ready
I print to printer, test page prints

I remote to user, type, iExplorer says Webpage cannot be found
I cmd/ping from user's computer (whose ip is No reply
I ping the other printers, 32, 33, 34...ping replies
I print to 30, 32, 33, 34...they print

It just doesn't make since...any help please would be greatly appreciated
Everyone on the 192.168.3.x network can see all printers except this one user can see all printers except this one paticular

its like IP: cannot see

Thanks in advance
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What is your subnet mask on the computer and printer?



across all networks
If the pc's are DHCP, I would quickly try

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

from the command prompt
What version of windows is the computer on?


yes the pc is DHCP
I did try that...the first IP was 3.44, 2nd was 3.57
Turn off any firewalls installed on the computer and try again.


sorry, missed a question
PC is running Win7 Prof 32bit
User is now on conference call and needed computer
Will turn off firewalls in about 20 mins


Okay, got on turned off all firewalls/virus protection (windows/trendmicro)
did a icponfig /release /renew /flushdns

still having same issue, user is pissed and kicked me off, I have to drive down tomorrow
user is printing to different printer across the room

this is very strange, all users in office can see this printer and print to it, except this one user

this one user can see all the other printers in the office except this one printer

doubled check subnets...fine

I am so confused
Spike99On-Site IT Technician

I would run the "ipconfig /all" command on the PC where this isn't working & on another PC where the printer is working.  Hopefully, when you compare the results you'll see where the problem is.

If you run the command like this, it will output the results to a TXT file:
     ipconfig /all > c:\ipconfig_all.txt

Also, check the IP configuration of the network printer. Is it using the same Default Gateway and Subnet Mask as the PCs on the network?

What model printer is this?

Mike ThomasConsultant
Top Expert 2010

Check the local port configuration.

Right click the printer > Properties > Ports > Find the port in use and check the configuration details...correct IP/protocol etc.

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Solution was a FireWall Access Rule in SonicWall
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